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  SQL Edge®

SQL Edge® not only allows users to see individual database records by executing SQL queries, but also provides a powerful way to visualize the data relationships. SQL Edge® has six perspectives. The "Query Perspective" allows users to run any SQL queries and scripts, while the "Schema Perspective" displays database schema information.

There are two relationship perspectives. The "Relationship Table View" displays data in the master-detail style. The "Relationship Tree View" displays the query result records as top-level tree nodes. You can expand any tree-node to see its related records, or click any node to display the corresponding data in the bottom grid. Our technology to visualize data relationships is so novel, we have also been granted a patent for it.

The "Model Perspective" displays tables and their relationships in ER diagrams. The tables can be from different databases. Users can define master-detail relationships among these tables, and print or save the diagram for future references. The "Execution Plan Perspective" displays the execution plan of a query.

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Query Perspective (Database Explorer) Query Perspective (Editable Query Result) Query Perspective (PL/SQL Script) Schema Perspective
Relationship Table View Relationship Tree View Model Perspective (ER diagrams) Execution Plan Perspective

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